The underrated simple joys of living.

“We should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy, even if it is only picking grapes or sorting the laundry.”  – E.B. White

A handful of simple tasks that I would normally complain about back home, but I’ve found during my time here in Coromandel to bring inexplicable joy:

  • Hanging freshly washed laundry on the line to be dried by the mountain air and the New Zealand sun
  • Peeling shallots with the glee of someone unwrapping a hidden pearly-white gem
  • Cooking barefoot in the kitchen with a breeze running through open windows
  • Lovingly preparing a meal for 30 beautiful people from around the world with a ray of light of a chef who makes it feel more like sharing a warm blanket than a day of work
  •  Getting my hands (feet, legs, arms, face, etc. if I’m being honest…) dirty in the garden. Is there any work more joyous than to assist another in blossoming?
  • Arranging flowers and herbs just-so and then placing them thoughtfully around the property, knowing they will bring another unexpected delight
  • The smell of tomatoes in the sunshine (and then eating one like an apple with a little salt)
  • The buzz of dinnertime happiness and food being savored
  • Chopping and stacking wood that I know will bring warmth to many
  • Looking up (bonus if the night sky is clear enough to actually see)
  • Climbing into my room each night with brown-soled feet, tired muscles and a heart made happy by having tangibly contributed to something greater than myself

There is something calming, meditative, sacred even, about moving through the routines that sustain daily life with intention–knowing that, no matter how small, each is an infinitely significant part of the whole.

Try to rediscover this in your own home–imagine every task to be an act of devotion and love for those you love most.

And then watch as the mundane transforms into the magical.

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