I am safe. I am lovable. I am enough.

It’s been said by Cognitive Behavioral Therapists (CBT) that the dysfunction we experience in life can generally be traced back to three core limiting beliefs: 1. I am unsafe (I am helpless, a victim, likely to be hurt, etc.) 2. I am unlovable (I am unwanted, bad, undesirable, likely to be rejected or abandoned, etc.)

Renounce & Enjoy

When asked to describe the meaning of life in just three words or less, Gandhi (allegedly) replied, “renounce and enjoy.” Sounds simple, right? Well, let’s break it down a little further. To “renounce” means to relinquish control (Or the illusion of it, rather, because really what can we actually control? Besides our attitude, not much.) and

Series: Things Currently Feeding My Soul

Last week I started a new series of posts called “Things Currently Feeding My Soul” which you can read more about here. Here’s what’s making life a little brighter for me this week:   1. A Sunday afternoon mid-hike picnic & Prosecco.   2. My gratitude journal (It may sound silly, but this is something