My Yoga Journey

I found yoga, as many do, without really looking for it. My mom dragged me to a few classes with her while I was in high school, partly for company and partly with the hopes that something, anything would calm me down. Growing up I was tightly-wound, persistently restless, hopelessly perfectionistic, impulsive and strong-spirited to the

How to cultivate wellness WITHIN the workplace (not just outside of it).

It’s no secret that I’m a fierce advocate for the importance of self care (check out my feature in the recent edition of EVMS magazine highlighting the necessary wellness-focused culture shift in American medical training below). Some of the issues I’m most passionate about within the medical field are humanism in medicine, burnout, the power

The “Self” in Self-Care

The word “self-care” probably brings up thoughts of things like manicures, trips to the spa, kicking up our feet and zoning out in front of the TV. All of these things are great and often necessary tools for relaxation, but ultimately we’re controlling our external state in order to manipulate our internal state. Wouldn’t it