Sunrise Yoga Photoshoot

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.” – Jo Walton

A few Sundays back I pulled myself out of bed before the sun to drive to the beach with a new friend and talented photographer, Eva Fuze. Eva contacted me back in September after taking one of my pop-up yoga classes downtown to ask if I’d be up for taking a few yoga pictures for her portfolio. Since I teach weekly sunset yoga classes, I’m good about catching those, but sunrises are a different story entirely. On the off chance I happen to be awake before the sun, I’m usually too pissed off about it to appreciate the beauty. This day was different. I drove half asleep through a thick layer of fog towards the beach, cursing myself for agreeing to this, but my shitty attitude quickly dissolved once I arrived & met Eva–her radiant personality is the kind that gives you energy even in the black of night (or morning, in this case).

As you’ll be able to tell instantly, Eva is a versatile and experienced photographer–and while yoga photography in paticular may be newer to her–she’s clearly a natural in this setting as well. What I think differentiates Eva as both a photographer and a human being is not just her technical expertise, but rather the unbridled joy of which her soul is made–a joy that transcends the lens of her camera.  She is able to create effortless beauty, because it’s what she’s made of and is all she sees. Eva is one of those very rare people who radiates the excitement for life of a 6 month old puppy and makes you feel as if anything is possible. Her contagious spirit, most of all, is what I think makes these pictures beautiful.

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Eva has created a website with the tagline “humanity through a lens,” (which I absolutely love) if you’re as inspired as I am and would like to check out more of her work. She works locally out of Virginia Beach, but frequently travels wherever her camera leads her. Check out her “travel dates” on the website to see if she’s headed towards you! And fear not, this isn’t the last you’ll see of Eva’s work on my blog, we’ve already got a few exciting projects in the works, including our very first online yoga & meditation video(s) to raise money for charity. These will allow you to practice yoga with a waterfront view from the comfort of your own home AND do some good for the world at the same time (win-win!). Stay tuned!

Side note for the yogis of the world: Here’s a couple of things I’ve learned about yoga photography over the past few months… 1. It’s harder than it looks. A sweaty 90 minute power yoga class has nothing on an hour in front of the camera. You’re holding things longer and with more intensity than you otherwise would and there’s not a lot of fluidity between poses to ease the transitions. 2. Practicing before you shoot is an absolute MUST. And I don’t mean a couple of sun salutations. A full 60 minute (or longer) practice is non-negotiable in preventing injury and also in allowing you to more fully enjoy the shoot. 3. To piggy back off that last point, your energy shows in the pictures, if you enjoy taking them, others will enjoy looking at them.

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