Series: Things Currently Feeding My Soul

Last week I started a new series of posts called “Things Currently Feeding My Soul” which you can read more about here.

Here’s what’s making life a little brighter for me this week:


1. A Sunday afternoon mid-hike picnic & Prosecco.  IMG_1275

2. My gratitude journal (It may sound silly, but this is something I’ve been doing for about a decade and it’s entirely shifted my perception of the world. Basically, I jot down a few things I’m grateful for at night before bed…sometimes all I can come up with is “I woke up today,” but that is a privilege denied to many in itself–the most important of all blessings. I reluctantly started it after a bad break-up, only because of my mom’s relentless attempts to help me see the unrelenting good in the world, and have continued it every since.)

3. Human touch.

4. Autumn’s carpet.                                      IMG_1267

What’s currently feeding your soul? Share below, or on social media with the hashtag #TCFMS!

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