Series: Things Currently Feeding My Soul (T.C.F.M.S)

It’s officially that time of year again…the time when daylight hours dwindle to such a point that we often miss them all together. Many of us awake before the sun and arrive home after it’s set. The effect of this is magnified for me this year, as I’m spending the end of fall & start of the winter months on my surgical clerkship. This means I awake around 3:45 am and get home around 6pm…with not a whole lot of laughter or cheer in between. When the sunshine doesn’t stare us straight in the eyes, we have to get a little more intentional about finding the light. So…in light (ha.) of this, I’m starting a new series of posts that I plan to keep up throughout the year called “Things Currently Feeding My Soul” (T.C.F.M.S.) as a constant reminder to keep on the path of light.


Things Currently Feeding My Soul:

1. Peppermint tea with honey (Tazo Refresh in particular)image

2. This face.


3. Thick, tall, cozy socks

4. My Lapsley, Alina Baraz lapsley + Jblake+ alina baraz& James Blake-heavy playlistlapsley + Jblake+ alina baraz, you can listen to here.image

5. Janne Robinson’s writing


What’s currently feeding your soul? Share below, or on social media with the hashtag #TCFMS!

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