The Pitfalls of Mindfulness for the Anxious Mind

This morning, in-between seeing patients on rounds with the neurology team, we were discussing the potential for psychological disturbances to manifest themselves as physical symptoms. The mind body connection is strong, so much stronger than we may ever fully realize. I find it so encouraging that a topic such as the mind-body connection is being

Does Donation-Based = Free?

“So you run an entirely donation-based yoga organization?” My “yes,” is usually then quickly followed up by a surprised look and a “Wow, don’t people take advantage of that?” My answer is always the same—“Maybe, but how would I know?” If I tell people “Show up, practice yoga with me and pay what you’re able,”

Celebrate Everyday: The NEON Festival

The months of hard work of hundreds of individuals from various artistic and non-artistic backgrounds has finally culminated over the past few days in the long-awaited NEON Festival. NEON stands for “New Energy of Norfolk” and new energy it certainly is. The NEON movement has taken what was previously an underutilized part of the city

Tapas – Walking Boldly into the Fire

When the weather starts to turn colder and the skies grayer, our internal state often follows suit. This time of year, as Summer turns to Fall and Fall turns to Winter, can leave us feeling sluggish, foggy and closed off. We feel more inclined to seek the couch as a refuge after a long day

Low Self-Esteem, Narcissism & the Need for Perfection

I was sitting at dinner with my boyfriend the other night, talking about our clinical rotations. He’s on surgery right now and I’m on psychiatry. He tells me about colon resections and pancreatitis and I talk about mental illness. I tell him how working on the psych unit has made me realize that there really

Yoga Meets Street Art in the NEON District

Over the past few months, the public art committee of the new NEON (New Energy of Norfolk) District has led an initiative bringing national and local artists together to create collaborative large scale public art projects around the city. As an ode to the incredible work of art this city has become, I thought it would

The Super-Blood-Harvest-Moon and the Dance of Creation & Destruction

As you’re probably well aware by now, last night’s sky featured not one but three lunar phenomena: a harvest moon, a supermoon and a lunar eclipse. Harvest moon is a term used to describe the full moon that follows the Autumnal equinox. A supermoon occurs when the moon’s elliptical path brings it closest to the earth,