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What to Expect: As a yoga teacher, physician, writer and human being, I believe we are here to feel, to love and to take care of each other with the gifts we’ve been given. Ultimately, I am here in yoga and in life to help facilitate healing, a process in which we realize we’ve actually been whole and perfect and absolutely worthy of this beautiful thing called life all along.  I teach a dynamic Jivamukti-inspired vinyasa founded on a deep understanding of human anatomy and physiology with a focus on the individual. My classes are rhythmic, transformative, intuitive and as playful as they are deep.

I believe in the power of yoga as a tool for social change. At home in Virginia, I’ve pioneered a thriving yoga community in Hampton Roads and co-created the Bhav Brigade, an entirely donation-based pop-up yoga platform that moves beyond the traditional limitations of today’s yoga culture to serve primarily local charities as well as to enhance the community at large. Now that my other hat has led me to Stanford for residency, I’m taking this movement bi-coastal with the initiation of a San Francisco Bay Area branch of Bhav.  I believe in accessibility. The yoga I offer is appropriate for people of all ages, abilities and experience levels and, just like no two people are exactly alike, no two yoga practices are the same on any given day. As a medical professional, I also believe in the utmost importance of safety and empowerment. If you are working with an injury or have special needs such as a serious medical condition (or if you just want a little extra TLC), I suggest beginning with a private class to tailor the practice to best serve you and to give you the tools for moving forward from a place of confidence and safety. Private sessions are great for starting a new practice, for deepening your current practice or if you’d like to spend time working on a particular goal or concern. Additionally, semi-private classes are a fun way to practice with a group in a more intimate setting or as part of your next event!

For more information or to set up a private, semi-private or corporate class, use the contact form here.



Yoga in the Sky
Every Wednesday 6-7:15pm (in place of Sunset Yoga during the colder months)
Suntrust Building Penthouse, 150 W. Main St. Norfolk, VA 23510

Sunset Yoga on The Pagoda Pier
Every Wednesday 7-8:15pm, March-October
265 W. Tazewell St. Norfolk, VA 23510

Moonlight Restorative: Yoga Under the Stars
Specified Sundays 8:30-9:30pm, May-October
Same location as Sunset Yoga: 265 W. Tazewell St. Norfolk, VA 23510
(Visit for additional details)

Pop-up classes at local businesses, public landmarks and outdoor spaces
Including Mermaid Winery, Slover Library, the Suntrust Building, Fit36, Lesner Inn, The Space Above Yoga Center, Village Days Open Air Market & more
Offered on a monthly basis
Visit for additional details



New Zealand Yoga Tour

Anatomy of Yoga – TRIBE TWO
3 Part Series

1) Saturday 4/8 1-4:30 pm: Intro to Anatomy + Spine & Torso
*APPLICATION: backbends/heart openers, side bends, twists & forward folds
2) Saturday 4/22 1-4:30 pm: Shoulders & Upper Extremities
*APPLICATION: arm balances & inversions
3) Saturday 4/29 1-4:30 pm: Hips & Lower Extremities
*APPLICATION: hip openers & standing poses
Flourish – 809 Brandon Avenue, Suite 210, Norfolk, VA 23517
Space limited, sign up here to reserve your seat.





“Jessica is such a graceful, sincere teacher. It brings me so much joy to bring people to her classes and already know that at the end of class they’re going to turn to me with excited eyes and say the same thing: “she’s really a wonderful teacher!” Jessica brings such a positive energy and warmth to her classes and it’s infectious. Coming to her class is like handing over the reins to my brain and body for an hour. She instills a sense of trust within ourselves as students that enables us to carry ourselves through the practice without overthinking. Kind of like, ‘Jess has got us… we’re in good hands.’ It’s hard to describe, but she’s by far my favorite instructor. – Eva F.

“Once upon a time, I tried yoga. I struggled during the class and hated every minute of it. I vowed never to return to a mat again.
I was recently a victim of sexual assault. I started a downward spiral where my body was the enemy and I was hell bent on destroying it in any way I could. It wasn’t until I was surfing Facebook when I saw my first glimpse of Bhav Brigade. It told me there was an event near me that week and I decided I would give it a shot.
I’m not sure what led me to The Pagoda that hot summer day. I walked angrily to the class and plopped onto my mat in a way that arrogantly proclaimed, ‘This isn’t going to help me.’ I laid on my back and listened to Jessica tell us about sunflowers and the concept of heliotropism. In that moment, I wanted to look towards the sun the way sunflowers so inherently do. I was sick of the darkness and ready to live in the light. For the first time in weeks, I felt the sun touch my face and found warmth in my heart again in her class.
As I walked home, I cried. Not because it was sad, but because I felt safe again during that sixty minute class. It started my journey to self love and healing after experiencing trauma. I was so urgently searching for something that would help me find solace within my own body. I learned to breathe again during a time when all I wanted to do was to curl up in bed and sleep away the pain. I learned to channel energy and emotion into a practice that was healthy. Most of all, I discovered that my body is still beautiful despite what was taken from me. Her classes gave me back power when I felt powerless, gave me strength when I was at my weakest, and effortlessly aided in me in putting the pieces of my life back together. They made me whole again.” – Anonymous

“When I first saw Jessica in class, I would have never known that she would be the influential teacher that she became to me this summer. I wouldn’t have guessed that cute little blonde girl with the big smile next to me in class would have me contemplating my thoughts about life as I paddled around for miles this summer. Or even, as I started to go to the Bhav Brigade classes just because I like practicing outside, that Jessica would be the teacher that helped me settle a ton of the BS in my head and transition to a better place mentally through her writings and her class focus. You never know who will be the teachers in your life, and it’s been an amazing period of growth as Jessica’s student.” – Kevin W.

“Jessica’s classes have been one of my favorite things since moving to Norfolk and starting medical school. They’ve really helped me to stay grounded and mindful during the transition. I also feel they’ve helped me grow on a person level and in my  journey into self-care. Jessica is such a warm and caring person which makes her a marvelous yoga teacher. When I go to other classes now, my friends and I joke that she’s spoiled us, because no one’s quite like her.” – Emma R.

“I first started taking Jessica’s classes when I moved to the area from the west coast last year, and they have been such a blessing in my life–exactly what I’ve needed. It’s been a hard year for me and I’ve had a lot of difficult transitions in my life lately, which has led to some anxiety issues. I had taken a few yoga classes back at home, but they were very much only focused on the physical poses. Jessica’s yoga instruction is always so informative, helpful, and has helped me to find a bit of inner peace in a spiritually dry period of my life. It has given me some hope that I didn’t realize I so desperately needed.” – Kate H.

“Let’s face it- for some of us (like me) anatomy can be a really dry topic! Enter Dr. Jessica Johnson…. thank goodness! She brought laughter, inspiration and fun ways to remember this incredibly complex subject! Additionally as important, she has the intuitive ability to aid people in connecting the dots, understanding the what, how and why, and was able to illuminate the specific role anatomy plays in our asanas in simple/digestible terms. I got more out of her anatomy workshop than anything else I have taken to date.” – Leslie R.


All photographs via Eva Fuze, Peter Van Steyn, George Vu and Jessica Johnson