Things Currently Feeding My Soul (That might fill yours too) – Media version

This video: A really, really powerful article on the disheartening disparities of global health (also that the author is a medical student & that these are the kinds of people shaping our healthcare future) Photography that so perfectly captures what it is to be human, what it is to love and what it is to

Things Currently Feeding My Soul

1. Soaking up the uncharacteristically warm early-March weather with River. 2. This new set of champagne flutes purchased as a decidedly hopeful act for all the good things to come. 3. Knocking out half a month’s worth of meal planning–highlights are shrimp pad thai and honey mustard glazed salmon with thyme. 4. Finally, after two

Things Currently Feeding My Soul

1. Supporting work that supports others (see #2). 2. Steve & Hope Dezember and their “Drive for a Cure” project with Jeremy Brown. This year they gave me my favorite christmas present…EVER! Not only is it the soul of my living room, this painting will also support Steve & Hope’s journey and ALS research! What you see

Things Currently Feeding My Soul – Thanksgiving Edition

1. The merging of holidays for breakfast. 2. These sleeping arrangements: 3. Thanksgiving leftovers and my favorite sparkling red, Gamay. 4. This: 5. The cliche of watching home videos over the holidays & realizing you look just like your Mom, circa 1992.   What’s currently feeding your soul? Share below, or on social media with

Series: Things Currently Feeding My Soul

Last week I started a new series of posts called “Things Currently Feeding My Soul” which you can read more about here. Here’s what’s making life a little brighter for me this week:   1. A Sunday afternoon mid-hike picnic & Prosecco.   2. My gratitude journal (It may sound silly, but this is something