About the Blog

We are all caregivers of some kind–mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, husbands, wives, business owners, doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers, pet owners, philanthropists, good samaritans–the list is endless. I bet that most of us rarely go a single day without caring for another in some way, and yet how often do we forget to tend to our own soul? My hope in creating this blog is that it serves as a reminder to more actively seek out the things that nourish us and in doing so that I may inspire others to do the same. For me this means cooking (eating!) wholesome food, learning about medicine, getting outside, moving my body, taking time to rest, reading and writing words that ring honesty and truth, traveling, and spending time with my hairy four-legged son, River. Sometimes this means carving out time for something new in our days and sometimes it means simply noticing what’s already there.

This blog is broken down into categories: eat (the obvious category of recipes & more), move (posts dealing with being active–often yoga, in my case), heal (posts focused on physical & psychological health + my adventures in medicine) & live (general lifestyle posts). These are subdivisions of Soulfull, but really there’s a lot of overlap–things that fill your soul often simultaneously heal, feed and move you in a symbolic sense. Select from this the content that feeds you individually and bridge the gap by sharing your own insight in the comments below. My intention is that Soulfull becomes a space for us to quite literally fill our souls.

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